Family Law Terms

A legal dictionary can prove rather overwhelming, so the team at SCB Legal decided to create our own family law dictionary and in plain English. We always think about our clients, as well as prospective clients who are trying to be best informed about the law.

We are dedicated to simplifying the law for you. 

Common Legal Terms Explained

While Google is a wonderful resource that helps you find and better understand many terms and in a variety of industries, the law is different. Australians are governed by the Westminster system of law, so it’s inaccurate reading legal terms and definitions that are about US law for example. If you need advice, assistance or representation specific to your situation, contact us via email, via our online booking system or by calling one of our offices at Penrith or Blacktown.

Another aspect that we’ve been told is difficult, is actually finding what you’re looking for. As is often the case, you know the area of the law to which the legal term applies. However, it’s often complicated remembering the phrase, which is necessary for you to do, in order to consult a legal glossary. We thought it was very important to address these issues. This is why we intend to better index the law by providing you with the terms and phrases arranged via area of the law and alphabetically.

The following list is always expanding based on your needs and recommendations. It will continue to evolve over time, so check back regularly to learn more family law terms and phrases as you need.

Family Law Terms