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Our commercial lease lawyers assist both landlords and tenants with their retail and commercial leasing matters.

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Tenants & Leasing A Retail Or Commercial Property

Securing a lease for your business is a significant long-term commitment so having a legal professional review the terms before you sign is essential. 

Our team has reviewed countless lease agreements for business owners. The review process we offer provides clarity about what the terms of the agreement will mean for you and your business in the short and longer-term. 

In that process we flag any terms that may pose a problem now or later on so you can make an educated decision about whether you should agree to those terms, negotiate a variation to some of the terms, or walk away.

The SCB Legal team assists with:

  • Reviewing and advising on lease agreement terms to ensure the lease covers your needs
  • Identification of specific obligations of the agreement
  • Negotiation of variations to lease terms including rent free periods
  • Finalisation of the lease agreement
  • Dispute management and resolution (inclusive of NCAT)

How comprehensive a lease agreement review process is, or isn’t, can greatly impact your business. Our lawyers are mindful of the commonly overlooked elements that create unforeseen consequences and challenges for tenants.

These can include:

  • Additional expenses – air conditioning maintenance, common area cleaning fees, servicing of lifts etc.
  • Capacity (or lack of) for you to assign or transfer the lease if you outgrow the premises
  • Exit expenses e.g. repainting or refurbishment requirements upon end of lease

Our commercial lease lawyers look for elements like these in lease agreements and bring them to your attention so you can confirm if you wish to agree to those terms. Or, whether you would like us to negotiate a variation to the specific terms of the agreement. Importantly, we take the time to learn what your business goals are and what you will need from a premises as your business grows and evolves. Past clients tell us this depth of advice helped them avoid significant expenses and risks.

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For Landlords Of Retail Or Commercial Property

As retail and commercial property owners, the lease agreements you put in place must serve you well. In the event you ever need advice and assistance with a tenant’s non-compliance, you will need your advisor to be equally skilled in negotiations and dispute resolution. Our team has that experience.

At SCB Legal we assist landlords with the following services:

  • Drafting of new lease agreements for retail or commercial premises
  • Review and drafting of existing lease agreements
  • Assistance with the rent review process
  • Responding to requests for variations to lease terms
  • Obtaining security – personal or Director guarantees
  • Enforcement of lease terms (e.g. rent review, subletting, surrender, transfer, assignment, and variation)
  • Assistance with the execution and finalisation of the lease agreement process
  • Dispute resolution advice and assistance (inclusive of NCAT)
  • Transfer or reassignment of lease (upon sale of property)

SCB Legal Commercial Lease Lawyers Sydney

We advise a number of retail and commercial property owners across Sydney and New South Wales. Our solicitors are called upon to review and update existing lease agreements, negotiate issues, changes and resolve issues that arise. Having access to solicitors with experience on both sides of commercial leasing matters, is invaluable, particularly where there is tenant non-compliance or disputes. 

Our team is dedicated to helping commercial property owners protect their investments. We look forward to working with you.

Detail-Oriented, Experienced Commercial Lease Lawyers

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