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Our lawyers assist with bail applications, variations, suspensions and removal of bail conditions.

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Has your partner, friend or family member been arrested, and you want to apply for bail on their behalf?

Has their bail been refused until the next matter is in Court?

Are You Looking To Change The Bail Conditions You Have Been Given?

Are You Seeking A Change In Your Bail Conditions?

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Bail Lawyers Sydney

If you are seeking bail for your partner, a family member or friend, you will need the assistance of a criminal lawyer immediately to increase the likelihood of bail being granted. The assistance of a criminal lawyer will help you be aware of what might assist the application, based on the applicant’s needs and specific circumstances. In the event you deal with this matter without legal advice and bail is denied, you can make an application for Bail in the Supreme Court. All of this takes time so seeking expert criminal law advice early is the most effective course of action.

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If bail has been granted by the Police, the person will be given a future date to attend Court.

Applying For Bail

Has your partner, friend or family member been arrested by Police? Maybe they have been bail refused? If you want to apply for Bail, it’s crucial that you obtain urgent legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer who can provide advice about their current situation. The assistance of a criminal lawyer will help you be aware of what might assist the application, based on the applicant’s needs and specific circumstances.

In some circumstances, there are extra requirements that must be met before the Court will hear a bail application. For example, depending on the actual charge or if the person was already on bail or parole at the time they were charged with the new offence, you must first prove to the Court that being detained in jail is not justified. This test is not straightforward and the involvement of an experienced criminal lawyer is highly recommended.

We often have people contact us after bail has been refused and they have been in custody for weeks waiting for the next Court date. If they have not yet made their first bail application, call us immediately to help them get the best chance of being able to get out sooner.

Sometimes bail will not be possible and sometimes, seeking bail is not always the best approach. When we are engaged early we can take into account the charge, their history, coupled with our deep experience and understanding of criminal law, and identify if seeking bail is the best option at that moment in time. There are circumstances where it may be more beneficial for them to proceed to Sentencing that day, which will allow them to be released and then no bail is required at all.

“The SCB Legal team have been representing a family member of mine who was going through a difficult time in their life, and they had not made the best decisions which led to them needing good legal representation.

SCB delivered excellent outcomes legally; notably, they were compassionate, non-judgemental, and helped influence the family member to make positive changes. I believe the first steps of recovery, hope and future direction my family member now possesses is a direct result of Alicia and Sionea’s care and influence.

I highly recommend them professionally as solicitors and personally as good people.” – T C, Google Review


Benefit From Early Legal Advice

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Has Bail Been Refused?

If bail has been refused, we may be able to make another application in the Local Court or District Court if there are grounds for the Court to hear that application. We may be able to lodge another application for bail in the same Court if:

  • They were not represented by a lawyer in their first bail application
  • There is new information to provide the Court
  • There is a change of circumstances relevant to their matter
  • If they are under 18 years old and the previous application was made on their first appearance for this offence

If the application for bail is not successful in the Local Court or District Court, we can make an application for bail to the Supreme Court. This process is much more formal and requires much more work.

If bail has been refused, this is where getting one of our lawyers involved in the process is important. Then we can get copies of their Court papers, any police or criminal record and give them advice about whether to make a further bail application, or whether they should wait. 

When people wait to engage a criminal lawyer, then there are often delays in getting access to highly experienced legal advice. If we are engaged from the start, we do not then have as many issues with communicating with them in jail. COVID and lockdowns have created significant delays. Engaging us the day they are taken into police custody means we will be able to speak to them the same day and get to work on their case.

If you want to ensure the person in custody is able to get expert legal advice early, reach out to our criminal law team now.


Bail Refused?

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Want Your Bail Conditions Changed?

Do you wish to visit an ailing family member or a significant family event but your bail conditions won’t allow it?

Do you want to work night shifts but your curfew means you can’t?

Are your employment opportunities limited because of your curfew or other bail conditions?

Are you looking to apply for your reporting conditions to be reduced?

It is possible to apply to have your bail conditions varied, suspended or removed, temporarily or permanently.

In the event you wish to attend a significant family celebration such as a wedding or a grandparent’s birthday that requires travel, after we determine your circumstances, we can tell you what your options are. We may be able to apply for the conditions to be removed entirely or at least suspended for a specific period of time, to allow you to attend the celebration.

If your employment opportunities are impacted because of your bail conditions, we may be able to apply for a variation to your bail conditions. If, for instance, you were not employed at the time you were given bail, but now you have employment, and if that is not possible, then we can apply to vary your bail extend your curfew or change your reporting conditions to allow you to extend, either temporarily or permanently. 

Our team helps people daily with applications to vary (change), suspend or remove bail conditions. A conversation with one of our lawyers will provide you with insights into what you can do to increase your chances of an effective change to your bail conditions. This process can be quite complicated, so seeking early legal advice goes a long way in helping our clients get the best outcomes.


Looking To Vary, Suspend Or Remove Your Bail Conditions?

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Appeals Bail​

If your loved one has been sentenced to jail and wishes to appeal the decision, you may be able to apply for bail pending the matter being heard in the District Court.


Bail Advice & Appeals

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