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What is frustrating for people who need to go to Court to resolve their family law issues is how discretionary this area of law is. What one Judge will decide about one specific family situation can be markedly different from another, even when the situations are alike. For this reason we recommend that you seek a family lawyer that is familiar with the Family Court Judges and has insight into how they will likely perceive and determine a matter. If they have this insight, they can keep this in mind when strategising your case.

While we will always aim to settle out of Court, when Court is required or the best option, our team has a lot of experience in appearing before these Judges, across all areas of family law.

There are a number of family lawyers that aim to avoid representing people in Court at all costs. If you need to go to Court, you must ensure that your family lawyer is confident and experienced in the practicalities that come with regular appearances in Court.

What To Expect

There are a number of different Court events and the procedures vary from Court event to Court event. We provide our clients with insights about what they can expect from each Court event. We can provide insights into a range of outcomes, can often foresee any possible turn of events (such as a hearing for Directions that turns into Interim Hearings), what the possibilities are or what is likely to happen. Our experience means that we are prepared for what may happen.

Can You Go To Family Court Without A Lawyer?

Yes, you can go to the Family Court without a lawyer and represent yourself. However, depending on your matter, it is not recommended. This is a highly specialised area. 

For example, if you are a party to a property proceeding, the amount of information and details required, is usually very specific. For someone who has never done a Family Law property settlement before, they will likely not be aware of what to do. The amount of content and detail that is required when drafting an Affidavit and the Orders required, is best undertaken with the knowledge and expertise of a family lawyer or barrister as there are many requirements that must be met.

If you do elect to represent yourself in Court, at a minimum, seek legal advice from a family lawyer to support your approach.

Our Promise To You

Court representation is notorious for being a costly endeavour. In our Costs Agreement, which is provided at the start of your matter, we provide you an entire estimate covering everything, right through to the final hearing. 

Most solicitors provide their fees in stages, so as not to scare people off. They create additional cost agreements as they embark on the subsequent stages. We prefer to be transparent and upfront from the outset, so you are aware of all potential expenses, every step of the way. 

We also provide you information about options available to reduce the costs of these processes. 

Our team will only engage a Barrister if absolutely necessary or wanted. If we foresee a Barrister is required, we make you aware of the need and seek approval before the cost is incurred.

Family & Divorce Lawyers Sydney

Choosing a family or divorce lawyer is a significant decision. There are some lawyers who will, in their first conversation, talk about only the best outcomes they might get for you. 

While that can be comforting, especially when you’re under incredible stress, it should raise some flags. What you need from your divorce lawyer is transparency. Honest advice about what you’re in for, in the best-case and worst-case scenarios.  

Divorce can sometimes be a long road, so you want to be walking it, however short or long, with someone who has your back in more ways than one.

Sionea Breust of SCB Legal was recommended to me when I was unhappy with my family lawyer at the time. After meeting Sionea and discussing my situation I had no hesitation in changing to Sionea of SCB Legal as my lawyer. Sionea has helped me so much…not just in dealing with the legal side of my difficult matter in a most professional manner, but has also helped me to get through such a difficult case and time as a person not just a client. Providing honest and professional advice….I will have no hesitation in recommending Sionea and SCB Legal in the same way I was!

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Family & Divorce Lawyers Sydney

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