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Decriminalising Sex Work in Australia: What is the Law?

Table of Contents It would seem that the notion of decriminalisation is being widely reported in the media. In Australia, there has been a long campaign to decriminalise marijuana and more recently, Australians were very vocal in their support of decriminalising

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New Driving Laws: Stricter Penalties for NSW Drivers

Table of Contents Australia and the NSW government in particular maintain strict rules with respect to road safety. Driving laws are reviewed and updated regularly, especially given the number of accidents on NSW roads. Many of those reported have occurred

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Do new sex offender laws really assist Australian society?

Table of Contents How do new sex offender laws affect Australian society? In December 2017, a momentous ruling occurred in Australia with the introduction of new sex offender laws. The new law barring registered sex offenders from international travel has received passionate

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